Hey Y'all! I'm Sug & Sass-- literally, those are my husband's nicknames for me; well, actually they're Sugar Pie & Sassafras, and he calls me whichever one is most fitting depending on my current mood. ;) I'm here to share our home decor, parties we throw, how we decorate for holidays, things I make (mostly with my Silhouette Cameo), any super yummy recipes I try or create, and probably lots of photos of our two rescued brown dogs, among other things.

I am originally from the West Coast, and the hubs is from the East Coast.  We live a unique kind of life because the hubs is in the military. Therefore, we will typically up and move every three years. This time, however, we will be here in the desert of AZ a bit longer, so we are excited to get to settle in more than usual. We dream of having a farmhouse out in the country someday, but until then, we live where the military tells us to, and decorate our tiny stucco home with decor that will probably go slightly better in our dream home someday. ;)

I have really learned to embrace my childhood love of crafting while living here in the desert. Summer temps remain above 110* most days, while much of spring and fall includes 95/100*+ days. It has been a difficult adjustment for an "outdoorsy" girl, but I've really come to enjoy crafting again. I use my Silhouette Cameo to make distressed wood signs, framed words, and also to make onesies/shirts/etc. usually given as gifts. Aside from crafting, decorating, wife-ing, & dog mom-ing, I enjoy cooking (and have become increasingly passionate about natural/organic), exercising (swimming with my BowSwim, horseback riding, our home gym, group exercise classes, wakeboarding, skiing, etc), traveling/vacaying/camping, and visiting with friends & fam. We are also on a journey to parenthood, but we trust in His plan and timing for our life. We are so thankful for our perspective, as we are thoroughly "enjoying the journey" that He has us on. **UPDATE!! We are due with our first little girl (EJA) this July!!**

I sincerely hope that y'all enjoy visiting our blog as I share our home decor, military life, recipes, and so on.

Love & Best Wishes,
Sug & Sass

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