Saturday, November 21, 2015

Magnolia Market // Waco, TX

We made it to Magnolia, Y'ALL!!!  

Whoop!!! So excited to shop!

There were lots of Magnolias planted outside.  I loved the barn doors and wreaths for Christmastime.

View of silos from the entrance.

The Alico building in the background.

This one's a framer for the Gaines. ;)

Beautiful rust.

Yeeee! I'll say it again, such beautiful doors!! I love the stain color and the texture of these barn doors.

We traveled 1,192 miles to Waco... Well, that would have been the mileage if we had driven. Instead, we actually traveled further-- since we flew to Phx then to DFW and then drove to Waco. Whatevs. I stood no chance of winning the monthly $100 gift card since someone came from Anchorage this month! There are clearly some other #FixerUpperFanatics like myself out there. ;)

Too fun!

Some whimsy as you enter.

And the shopping begins with Christmas ornaments.

Christmas display in the middle of the store near the entrance.

This zinc sink was in the front right corner for cutting fresh greenery and florals.

My good sport hubby. Actually, I'll rat him out-- he loves the show, too!

A few leftover fall items.

Shoppers delighting in all of the beautiful items to take home!

I loved this calendar. I've seen it before, but in different colors. It is going on my Christmas list. You too can shop Magnolia Market here.

Jimmy Don's signs-- I love the dynamic look of the sweet cursive on the tough stainless steel.

Church pews and hanging wreaths. I have a church pew in my garage entry/laundry room and I just love it!
My husband built me a ladder similar to this one. Easy project-- plans can be found on Pinterest.

This kraft paper with modern calligraphy is a simple project y'all can recreate!

This place setting with the book and greenery is so creative.

Hot cocoa station!

Absolutely some of the best quality faux greenery I've seen, and at reasonable prices, too. I brought home a small boxwood wreath (I'll show that in my upcoming Christmas post).

 Love this look for a laundry room or bathroom-- exudes freshness.

As you leave...

Looking left out the back towards the food trucks.

Looking right.

The silos have yet to be converted.

Originally, the City of Waco had requested that the silos be painted, but I think that Jojo pushed to keep them rusty-- thank goodness!

This is a garden on the property, but the lady there did not know if it would continue in the distant future. They hope to use the food to give to the hungry.

A cute empty building at the rear of the garden.

Loved this sign!

Cute raised beds and beautiful colors within.

Rustic trellis and one of the silos in the background.

Love these fall crops!

The line-up of food trucks. We didn't eat here, but instead headed to Viteks for lunch.

This "found" piece looks like it is hoping to become a planter.

Love their eclectic letter signs. This one looks like a Jimmy Don production.

View from rear of property to the front.

Walking towards the front.

Beautiful simplicity. You can see the Edison bulb string lights up on the rooftop gathering area (which was closed to the public at this time).

Fared as well as I possibly could having to fit everything into my luggage on the way home. ;) I'll share my finds with y'all in a future post.

Joanna & Chip recently announced that this building will be renovated next, but the plans are a surprise.

Magnolia Market seems to have really have improved this part of the town. 

A few snapshots of Harp Design Co.

The Harps' residence, which was renovated by the Gaines.

 Next to their shop and workshop-- convenient! ;)

And finally, a few snapshots of the old Magnolia Market, which is now empty.

And I shall...

Where it all began...

After our Magnolia tour concluded, we continued on to the old Waco suspension bridge where there were beautiful sculptures of cowboys and longhorns, then we went to Baylor to see the bears and toured their stately campus. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Waco and LOVED Magnolia Market. It is definitely worth the trip. I got some wonderful inspiration for our home. The Gaines were filming their last episode for their new season (which airs Dec 1) on the day we were there, but hopefully y'all will get to say hey when you pop in for your visit! Hope you enjoyed the "e-tour"! :) Happy Weekend!

Love & Best Wishes,
Sug & Sass


  1. So fun you got to go! Thx for sharing the tour!

  2. So great! Much different than when I was there. A little more difficult to see everything around the crowds :) Don't you wish you could have loaded up a car?! It was wonderful to see Chip and Joanna's dreams come to fruition. Thanks for letting me know about your post through my IG page! xox, Emily @