Saturday, October 31, 2015

Football Schedule Chalkboard

In all honesty, and despite being raised in a huge football household, I'm not a big football fan. I do, however, love a good rivarly game, a close fourth quarter, last minute upsets, etc. etc. The family I grew up in are Michigan Wolverines and USC Trojans fans. In recent years, I've come to love the Navy Midshipmen, mostly because I didn't have a choice. ;)

We kicked off this year's college football season in Annapolis together! Prior to leaving for Maryland, I made this football schedule on one of our chalkboards. My husband was beyond stoked when he got home from work and saw it hanging near the television.

I put the date and "vs." or "@" the opposing team.  (Yes, my chalk writing needs some help-- I'm working on it... this is not reflective of my actual handwriting.) ;) ;)

As we work our way through the football season, I wipe the date away and add a "W" or "L" (out of the past 13 games Navy has played, they've won 11, and the two losses have been to Notre Dame-- hoping to beat them in coming years!).

This is an easy way to convince your husband that you need to buy that super cute chalkboard you saw in the store. ;)

GO NAVY! Beat Army!

Love & Best Wishes,

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